Today, the Hanoverian horse represents one of the most popular breed of sport horses in the world. For many of us, we want to purchase a quality riding horse that will become our best friend. The Hanoverian can be that best friend and we here at Meadowlake Farm strive to provide that perfect partner.

The Hanoverian studbook comprises close to 19,000 active broodmares and 450 approved breeding stallions and covers the largest homogeneous breeding area in the World, including all five continents.

Olympic as well as World Champions and the largest number of World Cup winners are Hanoverians. A huge number of top competition horses have the “H” brand. Top riders and pleasure riders benefit from Hanoverian horses around the world.

You will have a rideable, noble, big framed and correct warmblood horse which, based on its natural abilities, its temperament and character, is suitable as a performance horse as well as a pleasure horse. Our young horses are suitable for any discipline.

Nancy A. Schulba
Meadowlake Farm